Frequently Asked Questions

If I purchase my KeelShield on eBay will it have a lifetime warranty?
Only if the seller is an authorized dealer for our products. Beware of old stock on eBay there are sellers listing old defective stock which is past the shelf life and will not have our lifetime warranty. If you are not sure contact us here.
Can I use anything other than Isopropyl alcohol to clean the bottom after I abrade the surface?
Can KeelShield be placed over existing damage ?
Will the KeelShield keel protector work on aluminum boats ?
What temperature can KeelShield protectors be applied?
If my trailer has a bunk or roller that KeelShield will rest on, will it work ?
Does it take Long to put KeelShield protector on my boat or PWC?
Can I use something other than the scouring pad that comes with the kit ?
How do I know what size to use on a Rigid Inflatable Boat?
Does KeelShield work on all PWC's ?
My boat or PWC is new. Is there anything special I need to do before I apply my KeelShield keel guard?
Can I mark the centerline with a pencil to make it easier to line up the KeelShield ?
Will KeelShield Keel Protectors affect the performance of my PWC or powerboat?
Once I Have Applied My KeelShield Keel Protector Is There Anything Else I Need To Do?
We deal with high speed boats, is there anything else we need to do during application?
Will KeelShield work on painted hulls ?
When I apply the KeelShield to the bottom is it OK if I touch the prepared surface?
How do I clean the excess primer and KeelShield after application?
Is There Any Way I Can Check My Work?
How do I cut my KeelShield Keel Protector?
How do I access the bottom of my PWC?
We have plastic docks that you drive up on. Is that a problem?
When I touch the KeelShield to the surface, Can I move it again if I have to?
How far back should the KeelShield go on my PWC or Boat?

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