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College & High School Sponsorship Program:


  1. Any Collegiate/High School fishing club may apply, regardless of size or division.
  2. Program has two tiers. Your overall club activity level & application will determine what tier you will be placed in (See Tier 2 Requirements).
  3. Discount is extended to direct family members of College & High School Anglers. Abuse of these privileges will be terms for dismissal of program. Product may also be bought for purpose of raising funds via raffle or sales.
  4. Registration will include a submission of Club Roster. APPLY HERE or registration is at bottom of page.



Tier 1:

> 35% Off all Gator Guards Product for Anglers, Advisors & Families

> $100 in Apparel Credit


Tier 2:1016817_380936185381439_2226016742530046258_n

> 35% off All Gator Guards Product for Anglers, Advisors & Families

> $200 in Apparel Credit

> $500 in Gator Guards Product per year

(To be used for club use and/or fund-raising activities)


Team Sponsorship Minimum Requirements:



Team must wear a Gator Guards logo during all events if allowed by the rules of the circuit they are fishing. Logos are provided upon successful registration.

    • Gator Guards logo must be at least (4) inches in length and sewn or monogrammed on the upper right front side of the shirt. If the upper right front side is not available, logo must be placed on the front of the shirt as close to the right side as possible. If shirt is not available a Gator Guards hat must be worn.
    • Gator Guards logo must be worn from take-offs through weigh-ins during all days of qualifying tournaments.

2. Angler or team must place a Gator Guards decal on the driver’s side of their boat and a visible location on tow vehicle. Decal is provided by Gator Guards upon successful registration. If boat is not owned by team members, please attach Gator Guards Logo to vehicles.

    • Gator Guards decal must be placed on the windshield of the boat. If there is not a windshield present, decal can be placed on the console or in plain site near the steering column.
    • Gator Guards decal must be displayed from take-offs through weigh-ins during all days of qualifying tournaments.


TIER 2:     1780683_10201331270100361_49881553_n (2)

Team must participate in minimum of at least three (3) College/High School events and three (3) community events (Trade Shows, Fairs, Community Service, Store Events, etc.) to be considered for Tier 2 status. Gator Guards reserves the right to adjust these terms at any time.



Win Tournament Prizes with…..


College & High School Tournament Rewards

High School  


1. Anglers must adhere to Tier 1 Logo Requirements


2. Anglers must be using boat with Gator Guards Equipment or be registered in Gator Guards Keel Ka$h Program. (Verification Required)



-Angler must fish in a Gator Guards College/HS KEEL KA$H qualifying tournament circuit in 2014-15 with minimum of 25 boats.

    • Gator Guards College KEEL KA$H Event Payouts
      • $200 Product Credit for (1st) Place finish
      • $100 Product Credit for Highest Finisher in top 5



5. Angler or team must register for contingency program 30 days prior to event & submit verification before event.


6. For registration verification, please send photo of Decal and Jersey logo placement to


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