Gator Patch Wins "Best Paddling Accessory" 2 Years in a Row

Gator Patch Wins "Best Paddling Accessory" 2 Years in a Row

Gator Guards' 2nd visit to Paddlesports Retailer ends with a splash. Gator Patch, in the new 3x36” Roll – Kayak Keel Guard size was awarded the "Best Paddling Accessory" at the 2019 PSR New Product Showcase in Oklahoma City. Now claiming a 2x back-to-back winner in the category.

Building on the momentum of last years’ debut, Gator Patch is being adopted for many uses of protection and repair that benefit both the DIY customer and rental fleet operations to reduce the wear and tear on your boat, quickly repair holes, or simply have on hand for emergency repairs.

To learn more about installing the new 3x36" Roll,  you can watch the video below from the Paddlesports Retailer show: 

The 3x36” Roll was developed as the easiest and strongest way to protect or fix those vulnerable contact points on a board or boat along the keel, with an easy to cut and mold strip of material. “Our repair shops have been asking for Gator Patch in a roll form, it’s simpler and easier to work with, and allows you to easily cut two 18” strips for the bow and stern of your standard kayak and canoe hull designs such as a Pelican or SunDolphin”. Gator Guards Nick Barr says.

The Patch can be used to repair a variety of plastics, resins, and metals.  Royalex, ABS, composites, fiberglass, aluminum, and even the most finicky HDPE and Thermoformed plastics. Curing with simple sunlight in under 30 minutes. The 3x6" size is great for emergency repairs, a day pack item, or the small repairs in the shop. The larger sizes up to the new 3x36" Roll are found useful as a kayak keel guard and hull protection. Great for a customer who just purchased that new investment, or for the rental fleet owner looking to get an extra year or two out of their boats. It saves both the consumer and fleet owner time and money on maintenance and repairs. 


To learn more about Gator Patch for repair and protection - Click Here. 

"Gator Patch has saved me a ton of time with my in-season patches and cut down on my off-season repairs. We love it! "

~ Scott, Paddle the Florida Keys

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