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If a company is going to stand behind its product, they had better be sure that it is not going to get shot full of holes. Case in point: KeelShield is simply the finest protection you can buy for the most vital part of your hull, the keel. More than that, it affords this quality protection for the life of your boat without detracting from, but rather by actually adding to the performance of the rig. They didn't come to me because of my celebrity, I came to them, because I botched the installation, and they instantly made things right. You see, they obviously believe that they shouldn't sell me a product, if I can't properly install it. That's the definition of standing up for the number 1 guy, their customer. Try one and you'll be a KeelShield spokesperson like me.

Doug Hannon

The Bass Professor

I just purchased my new Keelshield and man does it look great on my Ranger bassboat. I was hoping that maybe you would send me one of those Keelshield ball caps, it sure would look good while i am out there fishing local tournaments surrounding North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland. Three other friends of mine that are also in my bass club have bought the keelshield after seeing mine I hope the others follow suit and see the advantages to the product you sell. what a plus to protect my $35,000 dollar bassboat i would never think about beaching my bassboat without a Keelshield on my hull thanks for a great product.

Douglas O. Smith

I had to tell you about an experience I had using your product. I use KeelShield on the keel of my aircraft floats. I put it on to protect the floats from gravel rocks etc. when beached. I accidentally made a wheels up landing at 60 mph on the paved runway at my local airport. The Keel Shield has a little flat spot on it now, but I think there is even enough material remaining to do it one more time, if I'm stupid enough to do that again. I have to say, I'm really impressed. They saved me thousands of dollars and I don't even have to replace it yet. By the way, how do I remove it if I do decide to replace it. Kudos and Thanks, Carl.

Carl Ryder

Couple weeks back I was fishing Lake Nipissing in Ontario which is a very rocky lake. My sonar indicated the water was 8′ deep but I still manged to put my boat on top of a reef that was only 6″ under the water and wasn't visible because of the chop. Fortunately I was only going about 5 MPH as I was just starting to move. Naturally I was concerned about my fiberglass hull but when I got it on the trailer there was absolutely no damage to the boat and not much more than a few scuff marks on the Keelshield. You make a great product and I just wanted to say thanks.

Lew Knighton