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Behind every Gator Guard product stands a team who cares and understands. As lifelong boating enthusiasts ourselves, we know how important it is for you to have peace of mind when you’re on the water. That’s why we stand behind every product with our ironclad Gator Guard Guarantee:

  • All products are made in the USA
  • If you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll make it right. Your satisfaction is absolutely assured.
  • When you contact us, our caring and attentive staff will exceed your every expectation.

Products Warranty -For Original Purchaser

KeelShield - LIFETIME Warranty

SkegShield - 3 Year Warranty

BowShield - 3 Year Warranty

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Every Gator Guard product is engineered to be the best.

But don’t take our word for it…

I just purchased my new Keelshield and man does it look great on my Ranger bassboat. I was hoping that maybe you would send me one of those Keelshield ball caps, it sure would look good while i am out there fishing local tournaments surrounding North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland. Three other friends of mine that are also in my bass club have bought the keelshield after seeing mine I hope the others follow suit and see the advantages to the product you sell. what a plus to protect my $35,000 dollar bassboat i would never think about beaching my bassboat without a Keelshield on my hull thanks for a great product.

Douglas O, Smith

I had to tell you about an experience I had using your product. I use KeelShield on the keel of my aircraft floats. I put it on to protect the floats from gravel rocks etc. when beached. I accidentally made a wheels up landing at 60 mph on the paved runway at my local airport. The Keel Shield has a little flat spot on it now, but I think there is even enough material remaining to do it one more time, if I'm stupid enough to do that again. I have to say, I'm really impressed. They saved me thousands of dollars and I don't even have to replace it yet. By the way, how do I remove it if I do decide to replace it. Kudos and Thanks, Carl.

Carl Ryder

Couple weeks back I was fishing Lake Nipissing in Ontario which is a very rocky lake. My sonar indicated the water was 8′ deep but I still manged to put my boat on top of a reef that was only 6″ under the water and wasn't visible because of the chop. Fortunately I was only going about 5 MPH as I was just starting to move. Naturally I was concerned about my fiberglass hull but when I got it on the trailer there was absolutely no damage to the boat and not much more than a few scuff marks on the Keelshield. You make a great product and I just wanted to say thanks.

Lew Knighton

While cruising around with my Wife and kids in the inshore waters of Mobile, AL the unthinkable happened. I ran aground on a submersed barged filled with concrete. Luckily I was just out of idle so no one was injured. However, I was stuck and it sure did make a nasty sound on the bottom. Thinking the worst I had everyone prepare to abandon ship and started on damage control. After not seeing any water entering the boat I began to feel at easy especially after remembering that I had recently installed your KeelShield. We then began to float off of the barge and were able to get to a nearby sand bar. I jumped into the water and after inspecting the hull I was extremely relieved to find the hull was intact and the KeelShield SAVED MY BOAT. Luckily the KeelShield endured the damage and suffered and long tear that would have been my hull. I later contacted KeelShield and they sand me a brand new KeelShield at no charge. I would recommend KeelShield to any boat owner. It is easy to install and without a doubt saved me thousands of dollars in repair costs. DON'T LEAVE TO DOCK WITHOUT IT.

Jeff Stone, Stone Arms Inc.

About 1 year ago … I ask my dealership the very same question … they called KeelSheild in Illinois …. and THEY said "no problem" So my dealership ordered & installed it … and I have NOT had one single problem …. and have beached it numerous times … it holds up great. MY KeelSheild is mounted on a Triton VT19 Aluminum Bass Boat … By the way, folks out at KeelShield are good honest folks and they also give military discounts.

Rich Big Dog

If a company is going to stand behind its product, they had better be sure that it is not going to get shot full of holes.
Case in point: KeelShield is simply the finest protection you can buy for the most vital part of your hull, the keel. More than that, it affords this quality protection for the life of your boat without detracting from, but rather by actually adding to the performance of the rig. They didn't come to me because of my celebrity, I came to them, because I botched the installation, and they instantly made things right. You see, they obviously believe that they shouldn't sell me a product, if I can't properly install it. That's the definition of standing up for the number 1 guy, their customer. Try one and you'll be a KeelShield spokesperson like me.

Doug Hannon The Bass Professor

My name is David Stancil I have won four Crappie National Championships in 1989, 2002, 2004 and 2006. I have had KeelShield on my Ranger boat since 2001. I would highly recommend this product. It has kept my Ranger hull looking like new, protecting it from dents and scratches. I would just like to say: don't get on the water without it! It is easy to put on and looks great.

David Stancil

I didn't have keel protection on my 2006 boat and I was asked, is a KeelShield to big a price to pay for the peace of mind of knowing if you should beach your boat, you'll be protected. It wasn't and I got a KeelShield. After the weather finally warmed here, my husband, Larry, and I installed our KeelShield in our driveway. I was a little apprehensive about taking on what I felt was a major project as this. I didn't want to be responsible for doing it wrong. We carefully read the directions and we followed each step precisely. Installation was a success! My KeelShield was put into play at Lake Neely Henry, AL recently on a boat ramp without a dock. I was able to ease up on the ramp to pick up and drop off my husband. That wouldn't have been possible without my KeelShield. Thank you KeelShield for giving me that peace of mind knowing my boat is protected!

Shelley Perry Touring Pro Angler

I have a KeelShield keel protector on both my bay boat and my bass boat and you can count on your boat for your lively hood you will put it through some rigorous situations. In south Louisiana, in salt water we have a lot of creatures growing in the water that can destroy your boat , such as barnacles, shell reefs and oyster beds. As a full time guide I have experienced all of them, however with the KeelShield I feel confident that I am not putting unsightly damage to my hull that could possibly put me down for a couple of days for repairs. THANKS KeelShield, you make getting to the fish a HOLE lot easier.

Capt. Greg Schlumbrecht

One of the FIRST things I did to my 94 Ranger 361V was install a Keelshield. It took about an hour and it completely covered all the battle damage from the previous owner. It's been four years now and it still looks as good as it did from day one. This is a great product that does exactly what the manufacturer says.

Rudy Cardenas

I took my Triton TR21 down to the Cape Fear River last weekend. On my way back to the ramp I felt a couple thumps under the boat. I slowed the boat down to make sure it was running fine, everything seemed fine and gave her more throttle. What I didn't realize that whatever I had hit broke my skeg clean off. I came to a bend in the river and when I turned the wheel I lost total control. The boat jetted towards the bank and all I could do was hold on and pray. Next my 21′ boat was completely out of the water on this 70 degree incline. When I realized me and my buddy were OK, my concern turned towards the condition of the boat. The boat was pulled off by some local fishermen and we headed straight to the boat ramp to get it on the trailer. I was expecting the worse from that impact and there was not even a scratch. I would have at least expected the KeelShield to get torn from the boat, but to my surprise the KeelShield did not move or even have a scratch. I can't even imagine what the damage would have been without your product. Thank you for making a quality product for the consumer. KEELSHIELD will be the first thing I will put on any boat. Thanks again for saving my boat,and saving me money on what would have been a very expensive repair.

Noah Steere

Earlier this week I called the 888 number for KeelShield and spoke with a young man. I had called to find out how to take the KeelShield off my 2001 Lowe 170w aluminum boat. I purchased the shield from Yowell's in Waco around October. During the last week of January 05 ,I was fishing with my partner on Lake Buchannan. After just fishing a cove we decided to go elsewhere, I hit the throttle and the boat almost immediately hit a rock that was submerged about 6 inches under the water. the boat was centered on the rock. It took me almost 10 minutes reversing the boat at full throttle and changing directions to walk it off that rock. We looked to see if we were taking on water and we were not. After getting the boat on the trailer we noticed the KeelShield was damaged in a couple places. Other than scraping some paint off the keel the worse damage was a 2-3 inch section of my keel had been smashed flat. I wanted to remove the current KeelShield and replace it with a new one. The young man then instructed on how to remove the old one and the residue from the adhesive that would be on the boat. He also said that KeelShield might replace it under warranty. All I had to do was to show that I was the original purchaser , which I did. I am convinced that had I not had the KEELSHIELD, the damage would have been much worse. I also belong to the Fishers of Men organization and just received a flyer that stated you are a sponsor of FOM. Thank you for your sponsorship. I am an absolute believer in your product.

David E. Titus COL,SC

I have purchased your KeelShield a couple of months ago and had to wait for what seemed an eternity to get it installed due to the unusually bad rainy weather we had for quite sometime here in the Boston area. Of course I wanted to install the KeelShield correctly thus waited until we had 70 degree temperaturesto do it. Finally the KeelShield was installed properly on a beautiful fairly new Nitro Bass boat fully equipped.I had purchased the 7′ length per your recommendation for a bass boat at 17′ length. I did not want to be without it and a good thing at that. My friend and I went to fish the Nashua River at sunrise.We had a great day,caught a good amount of bass and released and while heading back, I was cruising at approximately 35 mph when all of a sudden we hit a good size log in the water.We were lifted off our seats then bouncing back like ping pong balls,then all of a sudden the log must have hit the outboard thus lifting it also causing the the outboard to rev up at a hi RPM.
I immediatley grasped control of the boat shutting it down immidiately. We were shaken quite badly knowing we had damaged the boat for sure,my knees hit the inside of the dashboard due to the launch off the water, I was banged up but felt O.K. We trimmed the motor up to inspect it for damage, it was quite challenging to inspect while in the water. We decided to head for shore to load the boat up on the trailer before we had any other problems,such as sinking.We hauled the boat out of the water and carefully inspected it only to be shocked that there was no visible damage at that time. Since the dock was very busy we did no want to hold up any other boats from launching, as it was I was pretty upset at myself since I am a very fussy individual and extremely careful.When I got home I proceeded to wash the boat entirely so the damage would be more visible. I then got on my trusted creeper and visually inspected the entire hull of the boat front to back , including the KeelShield in its entire length. Lo and behold no damage was found at all, especially after the severe impact.I OWE IT ALL TO THE KEELSHIELD WHICH OBVIOUSLY HAD ABSORBED ALL OF THE IMPACT.
The incredible part was that the Keelshield never seperated, IT HELD STRONG. I can not thank you enough for manufacturing such an incredible product. I am extremely happy that I had made a wise investment purchasing your product through Cabela's. I was reluctant at first knowing if the KeelShield would even hold, never mind saving my boat. Sincerely

Anthony J. Hamboyan