SkegShield® Skeg Guard Installation Guide

SkegShield® Skeg Guard Installation Guide

SkegShield Skeg Guard Installation Guide and Support

STEP 1 - Prep

Before you start the SkegShield Installation to repair your skeg, make sure that you have at least two inches of skeg remaining. Prepare the skeg of the lower unit by filing or sanding any rough or jagged edges that may exist.

STEP 2 - Tap On Skeg

Install the SkegShield onto your new or damaged skeg. Tap in place with a rubber mallet or block of wood.

STEP 3 - Drill Mounting Holes

3. Using the predrilled holes on the SkegShield as guides, drill through your skeg using a 5/16″ drill bit. Install the hardware through the holes only finger tight.

STEP 4 - Install Shearable Bolts

4. The hardware must tighten against the sides of the shield. If this does not happen, you need to reorganize the hardware to achieve the correct length. The mounting bolts that are included with the SkegShield are designed to shear in the event of a severe impact.

STEP 5 - Tighten Bolts & Go! 

 5. Different lengths can be achieved by taking the hardware apart and mixing different length studs. Tighten Bolts firm with supplied allen wrenches.

Installation or Model Questions? 

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