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BowShield Content Page

Guaranteed bow protection from docks, trailer stops and bow rollers.

  • Easy, Do It Yourself Installation
  • Made of durable 316 marine grade mirror finished stainless steel
  • Available in 2 sizes.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • Prevent costly repairs
  • Maintain the value of your boat

The bow, much like the keel is in a very vulnerable area in the front of the boat. Exposed the bow can easily be scratched, torn, and worse from bumping into docks, trailer hitches, and bow rollers. This can cause some expensive damage to your boat. Don’t let that happen! Ensure that your bow area is protected with Gator Guards BowShield.

Constructed of strong and durable 22 gauge, 316 marine grade mirror finish stainless steel, the small BowShield is 6.5" x 6" and fits bow rollers up to 5'' and the medium fits bow rollers up to 8''  The area where the BowShield gets installed needs to be smooth with no steps or chines to conform around.

The BowShield has a pre-creased centerline for easy bending and fitting. It is easy to apply and comes complete with a 24 hour cure urethane adhesive for a permanent installation. It will not pop off like the peel and stick ones. Every BowShield comes with our three year warranty.

Keeps your boat looking great! Prevent Damage · Preserve Value.