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Hitch Guard Content Page

Hitch Guard is here!

Tired of tore up knees and shins? Making that tumultuous walk behind your rig, in hopes the wrong end of the tow hitch doesn't come out and bite you? Save your Shins, The Hitch Guard is here! A full coverage, automotive grade polymer cover for single ball hitches. No need to remove for use like conventional covers, or store for fear of injury. A low profile design allows for unrestricted use of trailers and equipment. The Hitch Guard stays soft in all conditions, from -70F to 150F degrees, for year-round protection.

Extremely easy to install. Just slide on the hitch guard to your existing tow hitch and secure the tie. Instant worry-free protection from a tow hitch that seems to find your knee or shin when you least expect it. Fits almost all single hitches. Engineered for a standard ball mount width between 2-3 inches. Available in Black & Glow-in-the-Dark for easy identification on those early mornings and late nights. Bruised knees and shins are a thing of the past with the Gator Guards Hitch Guard!

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