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Guaranteed protection of outboard or stern drives from damage.

  • Easy, Do It Yourself Installation
  • Made of durable 18 gauge – 316 marine grade mirror polished Stainless Steel
  • Reinforced lower edge for twice the protection!
  • Drain hole to prevent water retention
  • 3 year warranty
  • Prevent costly repairs
  • Maintain the value of your boat

With your keel guarded, and your bow shielded from damage, there is one part of the boat that still is exposed to excessive risk of damage, and that is your skeg. Gator Guards offers an extensive line of SkegShield skeg guards to protect your outboard or stern drive from damage.

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  • American Made
  • True Mirror Finish Polish
  • 18 Gauge USA Stainless Steel
  • Custom Bolts – Designed to Shear on Impact
  • Helps avoid further damage to drive & motor
  • Made in China, Taiwan
  • Overseas Stainless Steel
  • Standard Steel Bolts


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All SkegShields are made of 18 gauge, mirror finish polished 316 marine grade stainless steel. The SkegShield is further reinforced on the lower edge for protection that makes SkegShield twice as strong as any OEM skeg. SkegShield doesn’t stop there, we were the first to include a drain hole to prevent water retention & corrosion!

All SkegShields are easy to install. There is no welding—no messy glue, adhesive or epoxy, and best of all no curing or down time. You’ll be back on the water in under 30 minutes and since we don’t have a foot or skid plate welded on the bottom we won’t affect your boat’s performance. If your motor is still under warranty – please check with your manufacturer about drilling holes in the skeg to mount a skeg guard.

When you are looking for protection, make sure it’s a GATOR.

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 Compatible Outboard Models  Info Sheet

SkegShield Model Chart

MakeHPModelYearsNotePart #
Evinrude40-504 Stroke99-03By SuzukiSS00513
Evinrude85-1402 Stroke80-01SS00506
Evinrude150-2252 Stroke86-03SS00508
Evinrude150-2002 Stroke - ETEC04-current 20" ShaftSS00508
Evinrude60-1404 Stroke99-03SS00518
Evinrude150-2002 Stroke - ETEC04-current 25" & 30" ShaftSS00523
Evinrude225-3002 Stroke - ETEC04-currentSS00523
Force70-752 Stroke91-97SS00517
Force70 & 902 Stroke98-02SS00504
Honda35-504 Stroke91-currentSS00517
Honda904 Stroke08-currentSS00517
Honda75-1154 Stroke95-07SS00504
Honda135-2254 Stroke04-currentSS00520
Johnson85-1402 Stroke80-01SS00506
Johnson150-2252 Stroke86-03SS00508
Johnson60-1404 Stroke99-03SS00518
Mercury40-602 Stroke86-02SS00517
Mercury40-602 & 4 Stroke03-CurrentSS00513
Mercury40-602 & 4 Stroke03-CurrentBig FootSS00504
Mercury70-802 & 4 Stroke84-CurrentSS00504
Mercury75-1154 Stroke15-CurrentSS00505
Mercury90-1252 Stroke83-CurrentOptiSS00504
Mercury90-1254 Stroke83-14SS00504
Mercury90-1154 Stroke14-CurrentCommand ThrustSS00514
Mercury135-2002 & 4 Stroke78-05SS00505
Mercury150-3002 & 4 Stroke05-currentOpti/Verado - Black Gearcase OnlySS00514
Mercury2252 Stroke78-95SS00505
Mercury2252 Stroke96-04SS00514
Mercruiser#1 DrivesI/O73-84SS00500
MercruiserAlpha 1I/O85-90SS00501
MercruiserAlpha 1 Gen III/O91-CurrentSS00502
MercruiserBravo 1 & 3I/O90-currentSS00503
Nissan35-502 Stroke93-currentSS00517
Nissan70-1402 Stroke93-currentSS00504
OMC Cobra 4 Cyl SternI/O86-94No King CobraSS00506
OMC Cobra6 & 8 Cyl SternI/O86-94No King CobraSS00508
Suzuki40-704 Stroke03-currentSS00517
Suzuki250-300 SS4 Stroke06-currentSS00512
Suzuki3004 Stroke09 - currentSS00508
Suzuki90-1404 Stroke03-currentSS00518
Suzuki150-2252 Stroke86-02SS00519
Suzuki150-2254 Stroke03-currentSS00519
Tohatsu70-1402 Stroke93-currentSS00504
Tohatsu35-502 Stroke93-currentSS00517
Volvo PentaSX DrivesI/O95-06SS00510
Volvo PentaSX DrivesI/O07-currentNo SX-ASS00511
Volvo PentaDP Drives Dual PropI/O96-11SS00511
Yamaha40-852 Stroke84-00SS00517
Yamaha60-1002 & 4 Stroke02-currentSS00515
Yamaha115-1302 Stroke03-currentSS00516
Yamaha115-1304 Stroke00-currentSS00516
Yamaha60-1002 Stroke98-01SS00504
Yamaha115 -1302 Stroke84-02SS00512
Yamaha1502 & 4 Stroke84-currentSS00512
Yamaha150 - 3504 Stroke04-currentSS00512
Yamaha175-2502 Stroke84-02SS00512
YamahaAll Stern DrivesI/O89-93SS00512
Yamaha2002 Stroke98-05VMAXSS00522
Yamaha2252 Stroke98-04VMAXSS00522
Yamaha2502 Stroke02-04VMAXSS00522