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3 Tips to Install a KeelShield on Aluminum Boats

3 Tips to Install a KeelShield on Aluminum Boats

Just because you have an Aluminum Boat doesn’t mean that you can’t, or do not need - a form of keel protection. Rocks, concrete boat ramps, and rough shorelines do no favors even for an aluminum hull. Causing scratches, dings, and possibly puncturing the metal itself. We were recently approached by a boater mentioning that you cannot install a KeelShield Keel Guard on an aluminum hull unless it was completely flat, which is simply untrue. We’d like to help show you how you can protect your aluminum boat and ensure you receive a lifetime of use from your KeelShield.



Will KeelShield fit my Aluminum Boat? More than likely it will, as the KeelShield Keel Guard fits and installs easily on ¾ of the aluminum boat brands out there due to it's tough & flexible nature. As it's 100% Pure Polyurethane. You'll find them on Tracker BoatsLoweVexus BoatsXpress, Crestliner, Ranger Boats, most G3's and more. As you see in the example above, hull designs such as Lund and Alumacraft riveted models have sharp edges and large protruding keel bones that prevent KeelShield from the adhesion & performance you desire. To see if your keel design works with our product - visit our boat compatibility list here.

Install Tips: 

  • Lay the KeelShield out in the direct, warm sun for 30 minutes to make the material as flexible as possible to form around the keel and any ribs or protrusions. You can also use a hairdryer to accomplish this.

  • Once installed, use marine grade sealant for below the waterline around the leading and trailing edge of the KeelShield Keel Guard, especially around any uneven areas near the keel protrusion that is possibly leaving small gaps. The goal here is to completely seal the KeelShield so that no water may work it’s way underneath the adhesive
  • Tip #3 - Enjoy taking your Tin Rig where it has never gone before, and know that your keel is protected by the Gator!


No Gators were harmed in the production of this article...and if you accidentally do hit a Gator - you might need to look where you are going and invest in a SkegShield. By installing a KeelShield you provide insurance against the hazards in the water where your keel is the first point of contact, especially if you are running an aluminum rig where you may brag about “Taking it Anywhere”.

For the North Country boaters - rocky shorelines, boulders, and reefs can wreak havoc on your aluminum hull.

For the Southerners, timber and debris while running the lake or river can be a huge hazard.

If you want to make your tin rig truly as tough as a gator - it’s a smart idea, and possible... to install a KeelShield. If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach us at any time at or call us at 888-594-5335

Customers KeelShield Photos

Tracker, Crestliner, Ranger, Xpress, Vexus and more! 

KeelShield Tracker Aluminum
KeelShield Tracker Keel Guard
Tracker KeelShield Keel Guard Beaching
KeelShield Keel Guard Ranger Aluminum
KeelShield Keel Guard Crestliner
KeelShield Keel guard Xpress
KeelShield Keel Guard Tracker Grizzly
KeelShield Keel Guard Vexus AluminumKeelShield Ranger Aluminum Keel Guard Bow Guard
KeelShield Keel Guard Ranger RT188
KeelShield Keel Guard Ranger Aluminum