6 Answers to Gator Patch Usage

Gator Patch is a Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester Patch that is easy to use and apply with our Prep-Peel-Stick application. Cures with simple UV sunlight in under an hour. Features extraordinary bonding, reliability, and strength. Perfectly matched as a kayak keel guard and repair patch. Made to stick to and repair unforgiving surfaces like Plastic Kayaks, Gas Tanks, Fiberglass, Aluminum, and more.


How does Gator Patch work?

Simple! Just prep-peel-stick and let it sit in the Sun to cure. You'll need to sand and etch the surface with sandpaper, clean with isopropyl alcohol, apply with firm pressure, and place in the UV Sunlight for an hour to cure. For full and detailed installation instructions – click here.

What is the lifespan of Gator Patch used as a Keel Guard or Skid Plate?

The lifespan is variable depending on a multitude of factors such as the weight of the boat, usage, and surface types. The patch is not indestructible – it will sand down over time with use, taking the wear and tear of the elements instead of your hull receiving the costly damage.

Why do you recommend multiple layers of Gator Patch for Boats over 100 pounds?

The heavier the boat, the more abuse, pressure, and wear Gator Patch will receive. Multiple layers ensure you have built up material thickness to accept this accelerated wear.

How does Gator Patch adhere to the surface of my kayak, boat, tank, etc?

The Gator patch benefits from both a physical bond through the grip on the sanded etching & curves/edges of the item it is conformed to – as well as the chemical bond with its special adhesive. The better prep, and larger surface area of the patch size, exponentially increases its overall bond & grip, especially for impact resistance.

What is Gator Patch made of?

>Gator Patch is a special blend of Polyester Resin and Fiberglass in a Patch form with a UV light activator.

What Size Gator Patch do I need?

  • SIZE CHART – Recommended Uses
  • 3×4” – Emergency Repairs, Day Pack Item
  • 3×6” – Single Light Wear Area or Repair
  • 6×9” – Multiple Wear Spots or Layers
  • 9×12” – Maximum Coverage & Multiple Layers. Recommended for Hobie, NuCanoe, Wilderness, Jackson and other larger kayaks as a keel guard and skid plate protector.