Replace the Non Skid on your Trailer Fenders

Replace the Non Skid on your Trailer Fenders

The one thing you don't want to fail is your Non Skid - or you'll be the one paying for it. 

The fenders of your trailer may have had some kind of non skid material on them when your trailer was new, or maybe it didn’t. It could have been that rough sandpaper stuff or even more a cheap rubber mat poorly glued to the top of each fender. Chances are after some years of use they are either peeling, cracking, or flat out fell off. The trailer fender and other step areas on your trailer are crucial to jumping in and out of your boat without taking an ACL injury to do so - an often overlooked but important part of your trailer. Some trailer manufacturers build in diamond-plate or molded anti-skid into the top of their fenders, although many times this is not enough, especially when wet or worn away.If your traction material is missing - we have an easy solution. GatorSkinz® Non Skid Traction Pads are a superior & durable anti-skid material that resists weathering and uses the same reliable 3M® adhesive system found on our industry leading KeelShield®. As with all our products it’s 100% American made and trusted by a variety of manufacturers to install on their boats & trailers. Available in pre-cut step pads and rolls 24" Wide and up to 100' Long - customers find it useful for a variety of DIY projects - including replacing the anti-slip on your trailer fenders or boat decking. The 2-Pack GatorSkinz Non-Skid Step Pads are simple fix to those trailer fenders - sized at 16” x 4” they fit most every fender or step pad situation. Just pull them out of the package. Peel & Stick to get a grip back on your trailer. Looking for a custom fit or do-it-yourself project - you can order GatorSkinz in bulk rolls.  It can easily be cut with a pair of scissors or box cutter to fit whatever project or application you have in mind providing a smooth finished look - with four available colors you can even find a shade to match your boat or trailer.

Removal Notice:

If you are removing old anti-slip material such as sandpaper tape or an old epoxied rubber mat - be sure to remove all of the old adhesive or epoxy, and clean the surface thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol to ensure a nice clean surface for your GatorSkinz 3M adhesive to bond to. If you ever have any questions about application or installation of GatorSkinz Non-Skid don’t be afraid to give us a call at 309-245-2343 or send an email - we’re always here to help!