What is a Keel Guard?

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KeelShield Keel Protector

What is a Keel Guard?


The keel of most boats is the bottom center line extending the length of the boat. This angled bottom of the hull is the main structural element of a vessel. This allows the boat to stay upright and travel variable water conditions with ease. It is also the most susceptible area to damage on your boat.

A keel guard is a common term for a product that is applied to the keel of the boat. It prevents damage from hitting submerged objects, protects your keel, and enables the vessel to beach on multiple types of shorelines and ramps without worry. The Gator Guards KeelShield was developed to meet this need & protect your most vulnerable, constant, point of contact on your boat.

Warn Hull Keel without KeelShield

The Gator Guards KeelShield is the industry leading choice for hull protection. Made of pure Urethane Polymers & an exclusive 3M® adhesive system, the 5” wide rugged shield is the strongest and most durable protection for your keel from abrasions, scratches, and scars. KeelShield was developed to protect your most vulnerable, and constant point of contact on your boat.

The keel of most boats is the first thing to come into contact with waves, enabling a soft, smooth ride. Unfortunately it is also the first thing to bump into concrete ramps, docks, and rocky shorelines causing expensive damage. But it doesn’t have to. KeelShield was developed to protect your most vulnerable, and constant point of contact on your boat.

Made in the USA by Sue & Scott Smith going on 20 years, Gator Guards provides a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser on each and every KeelShield. Gator Guards’ reputation has long been known for durability and simplicity. The easy Do-It-Yourself application provides boaters of all skill levels the ability to protect their vessel. Simply “Prep-Peel-Stick” and you are ready to hit the water, worry free.

The product is available in over 11 different colors, various lengths and even a Kevlar® version allowing for a perfect fit and match for all fiberglass boats & most aluminum hulls as well. A KeelShield will not come off, even in the most extreme conditions. Thanks to the exclusive 3M® adhesive, large vessels of the rocky North Country to the 100+ MPH Strokers of the Florida coast are enjoying the reliable protection that a KeelShield offers.

Applying a KeelShield is a proven way to help maintain the value of your boat, preventing costly repairs and unappealing keel scars. It is also able to cover pre-existing scratches and blemishes. With fiberglass repair shops charging over $75 an hour, a KeelShield clearly pays for itself when it comes time to sell your watercraft.

Gator Guards stands behind its industry leading product, KeelShield. Providing the best customer service and marine protection products to the boating public, you can trust KeelShield to protect your investment no matter what waters you may encounter.


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