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SkegShield Skeg Guard

Your Lower Unit Will Thank You....SkegShield

Looking for a solution to a broken or chipped skeg? Maybe you're just searching for extra protection of your brand new on-the-water investment?

Protecting the skeg of your outboard or stern drive is essential in preventing costly repairs down the road, ensuring the value of your motor. For that one time, when you forget to trim up across a shallow flat, or that one rock seemed to jump out of nowhere. We've all been there. That is why we provide the solution to the issue by protecting and guarding your motor's lower unit with our SkegShield Skeg Guard.

What is the purpose of a skeg? The skeg of your outboard or stern drive motor serves two highly important functions. The skeg acts as a precise rudder, allowing the motor to turn your boat accurately and safely. This function is especially needed by high performance boats such as bass boats where on plane the skeg plays a critical role in steering. The steering torque that builds without a functional skeg can be extremely dangerous to control the boat's direction in a safe manner.

Second, The skeg allows essential protection of your propeller from debris in the water and running aground. The OEM skeg is always longer than the distance from the propshaft to the blade edge, to ensure that the when running into hazards, the skeg takes the beating. Leaving the propeller protected. Most, if not all, motor skegs are built out of aluminum. As a softer metal, this part tends to chip or break during impact situations.

Some shops offer welding to fix a broken skeg, which has two inherent issues. First, the cost is usually over $300 out of your pocket. Secondly, many shops who do not specialize in lower units do not have the extensive experience to weld aluminum, which is a much more finicky metal to work with.

The average stainless steel prop repair runs anywhere from $200-$300 and a new propeller can run upwards of $500. Not to mention that when running your motor into hazards, that you can bend the propshaft as well. The propshaft consists of many bearings and seals that protect the lower unit gears of the motor. These repairs are well above $750 at your local shop. You can do something to avoid these costly repairs by preventing the problem in the first place, protecting your lower unit skeg. A SkegShield can easily be installed at home for almost any make and model of boat motor.

What is a SkegShield Skeg Guard you might ask? It is a superbly reinforced stainless steel sleeve that is easily installed over your new, existing, or damaged skeg. It is manufactured here in the USA of 22-gauge, mirror-finish polished 316 marine-grade stainless steel.

The SkegShield is further reinforced on the lower edge for protection that makes it twice as strong as any OEM skeg. There are no shortcuts taken when producing guaranteed protection from Gator Guards. We've even integrated an exclusive drain hole to prevent water retention and corrosion. Available for almost every make and model of boat motor there is.

All SkegShields are easy to install. There is no welding—no messy glue, adhesive or epoxy, and best of all no curing or down time. You’ll be back on the water in under 30 minutes and since we don’t have a foot or skid plate welded on the bottom we won’t affect your boat’s performance. Not to mention the SkegShield carries a 3 year warranty, backed by our caring team at Gator Guards.

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