New SkegShield Covers Mercury Verado

New SkegShield Covers Mercury Verado

SkegShield® by Gator Guards is expanding the lineup of American Made skeg guards to continue to protect the expanding group of boaters with Mercury Verado Outboards.

The new #524 Model SkegShield is a skeg guard designed for 2011-2018 Mercury Verado outboards in the 150-350HP range, specifically paired with the 5.44" diameter HD Gearcase. These combos are commonly found on coastal boats, large pontoons, and offshore cruisers. Available Now to protect your engine. 

The 5.44" gearcasecan come in black or gray. The easiest way to tell if you have this model on your Mercury Verado is to check for the black plastic retainer ring on the backside of the gear housing where the prop meets the hub. You'll also see that the gearcase diameter is typically 3/4" wider than the propeller hub diameter, unlike the standard 4.8" gearcase where the prop hub is almost flush with the case.

Boaters running through shallow flats and intracoastal areas are especially at risk of running their engines aground. The wrong turn around the channel bend or off on the tides can lead to a broken skeg in a hurry leading to an expensive repair bill. For only $129.95 you can repair a damaged skeg yourself or protect it against hazards lurking below the water for peace of mind.

Unlike foreign manufacturers - Skegshield has a true mirror polish finish and comes with custom shearable bolts designed to prevent further damage to your drive in case of impact.

SkegShield is made of 18 gauge, mirror polished 316 marine grade American stainless steel. The skeg guard is further reinforced on the lower edge for protection that makes SkegShield twice as strong as any OEM skeg.

All SkegShields are easy to install. There is no welding—no messy glue, adhesive or epoxy, and best of all no curing or down time. You’ll be back on the water in under 30 minutes and since it doesn’t have a foot or skid plate welded on the bottom it will not affect your boat’s performance.

There are 9 models of SkegShield skeg guards to fit over 15 different versions of Mercury Outboards - now including a Mercury Verado skeg guard. To find yours and learn more about SkegShield by Gator Guards - Click Here