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Quick Fix for a Permanent Solution

  • UV Cure Fiberglass Reinforced Repair Patch
  • Watertight, Impenetrable
  • Available in 4 sizes: 3”x4”,  3″x6″, 6”x9”,  9″x 12″
  • A Prep-Peel-Stick application that cures simply with UV light in under an hour
  • Will bond to virtually all materials
  • Repairs almost any surface, moldable around flat or curved areas, dents, joints, or angles
  • Made With Pride in The USA.
  • Perfect in or out of the water!  Great for any Fiberglass or Aluminum Boat, Kayaks, Canoes,Tanks, Plumbing, and more!
  • Can be drilled, tapped, sanded, or painted within Hour

Gator Patch™ is easy to use and apply with our Prep-Peel-Stick application. Cures simply with UV light in under an hour. Gator Patch™ features the extraordinary bonding and reliability promise that over 100,000 clients have known for nearly 20 years. 

A great solution for kayak keel guard or emergency repair patch.

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Notice for Heavy Plastic Boats:

Hulls weighing over 100 pounds – such as Bass Hunter style boats or larger kayaks may benefit from additional layers of Gator Patch to increase the thickness of the most heavily worn areas for a longer lifespan.


Gator Patch Repair Uses


Why do I need a Gator Patch?

The answer is simple. The Gator Patch offers a watertight and impenetrable patch for almost every surface you’ll ever encounter . Perfect for aluminum or fiberglass boats, kayaks, canoes, pipes, leaks, skid plates, tanks, and more!


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When you are looking for protection, make sure it’s a Gator.