Phoenix Boats - KeelShield Keel Guard Install Guide

Phoenix Boats - KeelShield Keel Guard Install Guide

Learn how to properly mount a KeelShield keel guard to protect your Phoenix Bass Boat.

There are two ways to mount a keel protector on the Phoenix Boats depending on which style wings you have listed below. Both ways it is imperative that you use a bead of marine grade polyurethane sealant(3M 4200 or equivalent - NOT silicone based) along the leading edge to seal it once installed.

For all your 19'-21' Phoenix Bass Boats we recommend a 7' KeelShield keel guard.

Phoenix Wings

The easiest way to gauge which mounting height you need is by identifying which wing structure you have on your Phoenix hull. Do you have pronounced ridged wings or fairly smooth wings on your hull? See the graphic below to determine your KeelShield keel guard starting height. 

PHX Models

Mount the KeelShield keel guard as directly behind the start of the bottom wing and use a bead of marine sealant along the leading edge . We have always recommended starting the Shield 6" above the resting waterline to avoid water pressure jamming on the leading edge of the adhesive while running with the nose down or in big water. On most of the Phoenix Boats you cannot start that high without going over a ribbed wing, hence our adjustment from the standard rule here.

We've had dealers and our Elite Series Pro, Hunter Shryock, mount it directly behind the bottom wing protrusion using sealant with great success. The lips on the wing acts like a small buffer and force the water pressure up and away from the leading edge of the adhesive - as shown on Hunters boat below:

Phoenix Bass Boat KeelShield Keel Guard Hunter Shryock


XP & Pro Models

These models have a smooth to lightly ridged wing structure that does not protect the leading edge. The KeelShield must be mounted by the standard instructions - start the shield a minimum of 6" above the resting waterline and use  polyurethane sealant around the leading edge and the bends in the wings. Depending on the boat this can be directly below or to the top of the 2nd wing. All boats sit in the water a bit differently depending on model, engine, weight, etc. Most models up until 2018 have this flat wing design (see the wing graphic above). 2019 and newer models may have the ridged wing design requiring the install shown above. 

Phoenix XP Bass Boat KeelShield Keel Guard




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